Fashion Trends of 2018

New Year, New Me! Right? Well, it's time to start preparing your wardrobes for this new and improved self. Unfortunately, you're going to need more than a change in mindset to really start yourself off in the right direction. I am a huge proprietor for the "look good, feel good" mentality where if I love what I'm wearing then I'd like to see someone try to stop me.

The spring fashion is expected to the season for silk. Silk shorts and shirts are going to be extremely prevalent, as they should be. Suits and dress-wear are going to be a little more relaxed. This is both nice for those who aren’t huge fans of too well-fitted clothing but will also be a challenge to find the fine line between relaxed and baggy. The relaxed fit showcases a more artistic and edgy look that takes practice and dedication to perfect. Another trend for spring is going to be tribal and ethnic printed cardigans. Bold prints and bright colors are making their way into men’s fashion as well as women’s and as the weather starts to get warmer everyone is going to start embracing those colorful pallets.

When summer comes around and its finally hot those colors aren’t going away and there will be a surplus of bold printed but well-fitted swim trunks. Designers are going to be creating pleated shorts and woven knitted tank tops. The most important trend will be in bamboo clothing. Suits and shirts are going to be primarily bamboo because of their tendency to be 3-4 degrees cooler than even cotton. It lets men dress up as they want to even when it’s a bit too hot for normal comfort.

Once fall comes around there is going to be a continuation of the “relaxed” fit with oversized coats and knitted sweaters. We are also going to see a larger number of men wearing leather boots and gloves.

Overall the trends of the year are going to be accepting more bold colors and patterns as well as a more relaxed fit in outerwear. If you keep these trends in mind while you do your shopping throughout 2018 you are sure to impress. This year will be YOUR year to shine so get out there and take the world by storm.

Dominick Davis