Staples of DifferentRegard

Whether you're just starting your clothing collection or have a deep wardrobe to choose from there are things that we at Different Regard believe every man needs in their wardrobe to ensure a well-rounded versatile yet classic style. These are the 7 staples that Different Regard co-founder Steven White says are must-haves.

A Classic White Dress Shirt: A button-down shirt is always a must-have in your wardrobe. A white shirt promotes & accommodates versatility in any man’s wardrobe. We recommend Pima Oxford & Egyptian Cotton because it pairs well with, well, everything.

We also recommend a normal White T-Shirt. For similar versatility reasons as the white dress shirt, it can be paired with jeans, suits, or even topcoats. We recommend Pima or Mercerized Cotton Shirts.

While you will need to own more than one suit our favorite is a Navy Blue Suit. The navy suit is needed just as much as a black suit, however, black tends to be heavier on the eyes whereas navy is always necessary. Start out with a modern fit single-breasted suit which you can wear for your personal, professional, & social life.

The Crewneck Sweater is our next must. We'll make you a believer if you don’t already believe that the crewneck sweater is as versatile as your denim in your wardrobe. Start out with a navy sweater with a suggested fabric of at least 60% cashmere. This sweater can be layered and worn with absolutely everything in your wardrobe.

For something a bit colder in the wintertime, we say you need a Top Coat or Pea Coat. The coat should contain smooth wool with a slight stretch that will give you flexibility & warmth. Start out your wardrobe with color palates such as Navy, Black, or Camel which is about as classic as a menswear coat gets. I assure you this coat works well over both your suit and your salvage denim jeans.

Selvage Denim Jeans Denim is so classic that I argue every man’s wardrobe should have both a denim jacket & denim jeans. Denim is so much easier to style than you think. Salvage Denim pairs well with a blazer, t-shirt, black cap toe shoe, topcoat, & crewneck sweater.  Remember denim should be tailored not tight!

Last but not least you're gonna need some footwear, which is why we suggest Black Lace Up Shoes. It is essential for every man to start off with at least a nice pair of black tie up shoes. Keep it simple enough to wear with your denim for a casual cause but, elegant enough to wear with your suit. Our favorite style is the cap toe shoes, they always work.


With these staples in your arsenal, it will be impossible to not dress well and feel your best. Different Regard offers everything but denim and shoes in our store. We also have custom options for dress shirts, suits, knitwear, and pants. Get started with your new and improved wardrobe today by calling and setting up an appointment with our expert designers at (410) 225-3777.

Dominick Davis