How to Dress for Those Fire and Ice Spring Days

Now that the sun is finally coming out and things are starting to heat up it becomes all too commonplace to dress in either extreme of too much or not enough. Here are a few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way to ensure that you are properly prepared for when it's warm and the next minute when it's cold again.

Although it is increasingly difficult to resist throwing your favorite pair of shorts on for the first hot day of the year, as soon as that sun goes down it's going to feel like winter all over again. Instead, don't immediately switch to short everything but just choose items that are made of lighter fabrics. This will keep you ventilated so not to overheat but covered enough so that one harsh breeze won't break your spirit.

On the other hand, you don't want to be so frightened of the cold that you continue to wear your winter shirt under your winter jacket under your winter coat. We applaud your layering there is still the issue of overheating. In the same note as the last paragraph, you're going to want to exchange your winter items for thinner more lightweight fabrics. The space between layers are going to help hold in the heat so it won't be crucial you keep your parka by the door. By layering these lighter layers when you get hot you can strip down to a t-shirt or when you get cold you can have at least 2 different long-sleeved layers to protect you.

Moving down below your pants we have the issues of what to put on your feet. Issue one: what socks or lack-there-of should be worn? Calf high business socks will be a little warm and don't go too well with most casual warm weather looks and no socks are never a good idea. That's why we suggest switching to no-show socks that will keep your shoes from smelling horrible while still allowing you to show as much ankle as you want. The other option is to wear ankle socks that will provide a bit more cold air protection. Once the socks are on the real trouble comes from the shoes. While leather is a popular option in the winter for being warm (and if protected then durable) but once it starts getting a bit warmer it's going to start collecting your sweat, and that's something nobody wants. Instead of leather throw on those suede shoes you have (after making sure they're waterproofed). Suede is more porous allowing your feet to breathe a little more without letting your whole foot be visible, which is really only acceptable at the beach.

As the weather continues to get warmer you can slowly start leaving your heavier items in storage. One day soon, hopefully soon, you will be able to spend the whole day in shorts and a t-shirt but until then happy Spring!


Dominick Davis