Meet the Team: Jacob Dillow

Name: Jacob Whayne Dillow

Where are you from?
I was a navy brat so we moved around a bit, but I mostly grew up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, but I’ve lived in Baltimore for 9 years.

What do you do with DifferentRegard?
I am the Patternmaker.

What part of your position is most challenging?
Doing the math right, having to redo something that doesn't work, and trying to make sure what Dominick and Steven think they want is what they actually want.

And most enjoyable?
Creating the blueprints of a garment that will fit the body exactly how you want after hours of geometry and algebra to get there.

What interests you about fashion?
The symbolism and history of style. Every decision in fashion sends a message and I find that fascinating. What does the hem length say about the economy? What different things do silk and polyester mean? Floral print vs solid colors? What does the size of shoulder pads convey? Everything says something about the individual and culture and that's fascinating.

How did your love of fashion/ designing develop?
Actually came from the love of narrative and story and from that the love of characters and creating characters. My fascination of what a person wears and what that says about who they are led to my love of costumes and fashion.

What else do you do besides working here?
I am on the artistic council and designer with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society; a freelance a costume designer; and a fiber artist (working primarily with embroidery)

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
A vintage 1980s velour dark floral print suit with chunky shoulder pads. It is perfect for parties.

Who are some of your style inspirations?
Erté, Atomic age sci-fi, 1950’s counterculture, late 16th-century fashion, Alexander McQueen, the discount bin of the thrift store

If you had to describe your style in less than five words how would you?
Queer Space Hobo

Dominick Davis