Meet the Team: Steven White

Name: Steven White

Where are you from?
Baltimore, MD

What do you do with DifferentRegard?
I do operations, marketing, and work as a designer.

Why do you work at DR?
DifferentRegard allows me to express myself creatively in ways I never had the opportunity to before

What is your history with DR?
My history with DifferentRegard started as a collaboration between me and my business partner Dominick to start a brand to fill a hole I saw in men’s fashion. There are almost no opportunities for men to get creative with their clothing and the patterns they wear. We hope that one day we will be recognized around the world as a fashion house that helps men express themselves stylishly and classically.

What part of your position is most challenging?
The most challenging part of my position at DR is expressing to the team ways we can elevate and give the brand the notoriety it deserves.

And most enjoyable?
I enjoy the challenge of working with clients who have no idea how they should look or dress for their personal and professional lifestyle.

What interests you about fashion?
The most interesting thing to me about fashion is the confidence one has when a person is dressed in beautifully crafted designer garments. Fashion helps self-esteem and build confidence I love being able to apart of someone’s mental or physical growth.

How did your love of fashion/ designing develop?
My love of fashion developed as a kid always wanting to escape. Instead of reading a ton of books I would escape into the world of fashion, styling friends and family with fashion advice geared to their home décor to their own fashion. I would always integrate my grandfather's wardrobe into my own and loved envisioning how I would do it differently and more modern.

What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
My favorite article of clothing is the coat. The coat is such a versatile garment that adds a layer of fashion that everyone loves to wear. I love that it’s another layer that comes in so many shapes and sizes and really helps show some extra style.

Who are some of your style inspirations?
Yves St Laurent, Edward Buchanan, Jean Paul Gautier, and I love a ton of French, Italian & African designers.

If you had to describe your style in less than five words how would you?
Classic Style Modern Edge

Dominick Davis