Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

We all know the fourth of July to be a holiday that brings people together and is basically just an excuse not to work and to day drink instead. While some opt to take the day as an opportunity to dawn their American flag onesie or red, white, and blue matching suit, we opt for a more subtle homage to our red, white, and blue flag. While we support our outrageously dressed brothers our looks will help keep you a little more ventilated in this summer heat.

Our first image of inspiration is of red pants. They are loud enough to showboat for the holiday but can be used year-round if styled right. They won't be a large purchase that you can only wear once a year. Pair the pants with white sneakers and a blue collared shirt and you have yourself an outfit ready to impress. For an added touch throw on a white hat or white sunglasses to make sure the white is seen.

If bright red pants aren't up your alley then we'd also go with white pants. Like with the idea before you can pair your pants with a blue shirt (button up or not) and then use red as the accent. Whether that be a red pocket round, bow-tie, belt, sunglasses, or hat. Regardless of which (or how many) you choose just make sure that it's enough to make your point!

Regardless of what you're wearing, the 4th is a day to celebrate the country we get to live in and spend the day outside with friends and family. Get out there and enjoy the sun!

Dominick Davis