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August 12,2019:WBAL TV

Afram Baltimore 2019

“ This week we had the pleasure to appear on WBAL 11 to showcase a few of our custom pieces. “


April 24, 2019: bmore lifestyle Spring Looks

“This week had the honor of being a part of the Bmore Lifestyle show where Steven was interviewed about summer trends in men's fashion.”

september 6, 2018: Baltimore Style

“What began as an internet crush would prove to be fate in action, bringing two souls together as one. Renee’s heart skipped a beat when while scrolling through Instagram Latoya appeared on her screen. After requesting to follow her account, an adoration for Latoya began to grow within Renee following every new picture posted.”

June, 7th 2018: Baltimore Style

"It’s hard to compete with that dress, particularly when so many brides have said yes to some vision of it, sometimes well before they’ve even met their partners. But for men, today’s occasion wear goes beyond the common suit and has long ditched the cumberbunds of our prom days to include color, texture and even cultural influences."

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March, 28th 2018: Baltimore Style

"Savvy loves a hidden gem, but she likes it even more when that stone gets a chance to shine. So, she was thrilled to not only discover Mt. Vernon’s menswear producer, Different Regard, but to learn that the made-in- Baltimore custom clothier (established in 2011) is making moves to become  a household name."

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Nov, 17th 2017: MagnEpel Blog

"Every man love boots so why not pair it with the number 1 classic major staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe & that’s a suit. Different Regard, CEO, Steven White, shares with his clients, 'matching your hardware is one of the easiest ways to remember how to coordinate your accessories with your boots. Generally, the same rule of thumb applies even if you are wearing denim vs a suit.'"

Feb, 13th 2015: Afro

"Sleeves that are too long or too short, shoulders that don’t quite fit, extra room for a stomach you do not yet have, or not enough for the one you do. Buying a suit that fits can present a challenge for many men, but at Different Regard, suits and other men’s garments are made-to-measure, built to the customer’s size and design specifications."


Sept, 30th 2014: Baltimore Times

"The event was fun and Indie Soul had a chance to visit many stores and even experience new sites in the city. We will keep you posted on future events because this certainly was not the last and what a way to support locally owned business, fashion, and art."